We will be attending the

I Love Dance Competition


Huron, Ohio

April 2nd & 3rd

 Competition Info

Dancers will be notified of the day they are performing on 2 weeks before competition.


Competition Fees:


Class:  $30 per class

Solo:  $80


All competition fees are due the first week of January.

A $5.00 late fee will be added to each class and/or solo for fees that are paid late.


For hotel reservations please call: 

1-800 Sawmill (729-6455)

or e-mail:



Make sure to mention you are with Tayler's Dance Academy attending the I Love Dance competition to receive a discounted rate.

Competition Program

Having a competition program is a great way to provide an opportunity for those selected students who excel in dance and have demonstrated a sincere desire to commit themselves to furthering their level of achievement in dance.

Students who exhibit the skill level, performance quality, attitude and dedication are selected for specialized training beyond the basics.  

Participation in a competition program can be a positive and motivating experience that will provide new opportunities and encourage students to develop their abilities to their fullest potential.

  • Competition requires special teachers, special students, and special parents.  It requires time, talent, dedication and regard for each other as team members.  
  • The only dancer one should compete against is themselves.  
  • As we travel to competitions and are out in the community, please be reminded that you are representing Tayler's Dance Academy.  It is important to show respect for ourselves and for others by always being supportive of our fellow dancers, parents and teachers.  Team members that support one another stand out as leaders.
  • Only students that receive teacher approval will be permitted to compete.
  • Students that miss more than 3 classes during the year, without a doctor's note, will not be permitted to compete.
  • When classes are missed it is the student's responsibility to meet up with a fellow dancer to learn what was missed.