"Kids:  they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music" - William Stafford

Baby Steps - 2 year olds                               30 Minute Class

This class is a fantastic introduction to the world of dance for the active and energetic 2 year old.  While focusing on creative and imaginative movement, the student will learn basic introductory ballet and creative movement techniques.


Tippy Toes - 3 year olds                                30 Minute Class

This class is specifically designed with the young child in mind.  It uses multiple activities to keep a high interest level in the students, who will be learning creative movement routines and activities that use their very vibrant imaginations.  Basic ballet and tap skills will also be taught including first and second positions and steps involving toes and heels.


Tap & Toes - 4 year olds                                45 Minute Class

This class is a combination class that includes basic tap, ballet, and acro skills. Beginning barre and basic across the floor ballet movements will be introduced.  Tap will focus on steps with up to 4 sounds.  Acro will include stretching and tumbling.  


Kinderdance - Kindergarteners                    60 Minute Class

This class is a unique class just for the Kindergarten child.  It introduces children to ballet, tap, jazz, and acro.  Children will learn basic ballet barre, beginning tap steps and routines, and the fundamentals of basic jazz.  Acro will include stretching and tumbling.  This class helps children to know what areas they enjoy and want to focus on in the future.