Ballet - 1st grade to Adult                                60 Minute Class

Ballet is the basis for all other forms of dance.  It integrates body alignment, control, and grace through movement.  It teaches correct posture and proper carriage.  Ballet is encouraged for all dancers.


Lyrical - 1st grade to Adult                              30 Minute Class

Lyrical is a form of dance that encompasses the basic forms of ballet, jazz, and modern.  Movements capture the essence of the lyrics of the song and are displayed through facial expression and level changes.


Pointe - Teacher's Determination                   45 Minute Class

Pointe is for the dedicated ballet dancer.  In Pointe, students dance on the tips of their toes, therefore, ankle strength and development of proper ballet technique is crucial.


Conditioning - All ages                                        60 Minute Class

Students in this class will work on strengthening their technique.  Focus will be placed on stretches, control, posture, proper carriage, and movement.  This will be a non-recital performing class.